About Us

We are a natural and organic wholefoods, herbs and spices rooted company whose passion is to improve as many lives as we can reach, one home at a time, through our sustainably and ethically sourced products. We supply superlative produce and products to serve as the right building blocks from the cradle onward.

Our story is deeply rooted in a cry for change from within our own bodies; persistent pain, developmental challenges which could be linked to nutrient maladsorption and deficits, and allergies we could no longer ignore, ultimately leading to the need to break away from years of eating and thinking 'wrongly'. Change which prompted me, as a mother to 3 young children, to re-evaluate what I feed my young family and a stubborn resolve to recover them all. Mums know best indeed and the resulting impact is undeniable. Thus, the birth of the All Round Wellness Company!


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